cheap business class flights

There are multiple ways of saving money while on a business trip. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid paying for unnecessary baggage fees.  Business and First Class passengers are usually allowed more luggage and weight allowances
  • There are many airlines that offer free checked bags, so you can bypass unnecessary baggage fees
  • Carry and measure your bags beforehand. Sometimes removing an extra item or two will alleviate the extra pounds
  • Airline credit cards carry perks such as waived baggage fees
  • IFlyBusiness offers Premium Economy Seats at a lower price. This means that baggage fees or other surcharges for a regular econmy are waived in Premium Economy 
  • If possible, wait last minute to book a Business or First Class flight
  • Stay at hotels that offer free wireless internet 
  • Avoid valet parking at a hotel. Although convenient, valet parking  can be very costly
  • Wake up early enough and take advantage of complimentary breakfasts. There are no limits to how much you eat during breakfast hours
  • Join frequent flyer miles programs and start racking up points on credit cards with attractive reward points programs
  • Use accumulated points for hotel or other airfare reservations
  • Ask for corporate, military, or insurance discounts. Sometimes you can save up to 35% more on rates 
  • IFlyBusiness agents will help get the maximum discounts on flights. Sometimes one day can add to your savings, so flexibility in travel days helps
  • Opt for flying to other airports. This can save you hundreds, if not thosands, by taking a separate flight to a larger connecting airport

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