Over the years, most airlines - for a variety of reasons - have introduced strict Baggage allowance policies. It is to be noted that these policies. Though broadly similar, still vary from one airline to the other. It is advisable that air passengers become aware of the Carry on allowance, Checked Baggage Allowance, Excess Baggage Rules for each of the airlines. A prior knowledge of the baggage policy will make your air travel less bothersome.

It must be noted that from amongst the many airline companies, the United Airlines baggage policy is considered uncomplicated. The first two checked bags will attract a fee unless you are traveling in first or business class. United Airlines often exempts frequent flyers as also members of the U.S. military from paying the fees.

United Airlines also extends some concessions in the payment of baggage fees under its EasyCheck-in scheme. If you’re flying economy class in a domestic flight or flying to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Canada, you pay $5 less on your first bag and $5 less on your second bag. Although these concessions appear negligible, it will become meaningful if you are flying with your family with two pieces of luggage each.

Due to stringent security measures at all airports across the world, wrapped packages and gift packets are liable to thorough inspection. It is suggested that you travel with open packages so that you save time at security check points.

As regards carry-on baggage, United Airlines permits one bag and one more personal item per passenger. But remember there are some size restrictions. The maximum length /width /height) measurements must not exceed 14 inches x 9 inches x 22 inches or 45 linear inches. There are also some other restrictions pertaining to the carry-on baggage that you should become familiar with before flying United Airlines.

Please make it a point to stow all permissible carry-on bags and other items under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin – wherever you can find adequate space. If you are in possession of articles in excess of the permissible carry-on baggage size and other permissible items, you will be levied baggage fees as applicable.

In addition to any one carry-on item, you can take a personal item like a shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag or any other article of similar dimensions. You will not be required to remove small and portable electronic items from cases. Please know you can carry into the aircraft beverages /toiletries bought inside the airport beyond the security checkpoints. Please learn the applicable rules beforehand if you intend carrying liquid, gel or aerosol items.

Most lethal weapons are not allowed beyond the security checkpoint including even innocuous items like pocket knives, folding or retractable blades, box cutters, X-Acto knives, scissors, straight razors etc. Plastic and round-bladed butter knives are however permitted in carry-on baggage.

But, there are no restrictions for carrying certain items like overcoat, umbrella, books/newspaper/periodicals, collapsible wheelchair if you are infirm, child restraint seat conforming to FAA standards, camera, diaper bag if you have infants, small quantity of duty-free merchandise bought at the airport, mobility aids, medicines etc.

Please note the aircrafts are equipped with a closet with limited storage facilities for folding collapsible wheelchair, mobility aids etc. Priority will be on first-come-first basis.

The restrictions and rules may differ for flights departing from outside U.S. locations. You should check with the departure airport for the exact nature of security restrictions.

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