As more families are flying overseas, traveling with young children can be stressful. Here are a few easy and helpful tips that will make your experience less wearisome.

Airport Security While Traveling With Kids

  • Check-in online rather than at the airport may alleviate long wait times and speed up the security check-point process
  • If you are traveling with an infant child, you may reserve a bassinet with the airlines
  • When traveling with an infant, have an extra bottle or other essentials such as diapers or medicine that are easily accessible
  • ALWAYS bring an extra pair of clothing for children in case of emergencies or accidental spills


  • Your child should be buckled in at all times since turbulence is unpredictable 
  • While at the airport, encourage your child to use the restroom before boarding the plane
  • Don't forget to bring medications, baby formula, snacks and juice while you travel
  • Try to avoid foods that are sticky or messy
  • Bring books and toys to keep children occupied
  • Crayons and coloring books are a great way to occupy your children.
  • Child friendly computer apps that are also great for distracting your child while traveling
  • While you are at the airport, let your children burn some energy by allowing them to run around in a safe open place or have them carry their own bags
  • It is best for your children to travel in shoes that are easy to take off and on


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