As many families travel internationally, keeping children busy and entertained can be a challenge as children become restless, or bored sitting for long hours.


Here are some useful tips to keep them entertained while traveling on a long flight:


Tips to Keep Children Entertained During Air Travel
  • Bring activity books with interactive qualities such as coloring or drawing books
  • Download child-friendly computer apps before the flight to your mobile electronic device, iPad or phone 
  • Long-Haul flights offer family friendly television games and movies, so remember to bring extra headphones
  • Even adults get a bit cranky when hungry, therefore we advise bringing snacks or drinks for that time in-between meals
  • Consider traveling late or when it is their usual bed time, so you both benefit from rest and the flight won't seem as long
  • Don't forget to bring your childs favorite blanket because sometimes it helps calm the nerves and makes for a more pleasant travel experience

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