Security Tips for Kids Traveling Alone

Several commercial airlines allow children who are at least 5 years of age to fly unaccompanied. However, many parents and their children are not aware of important air travel safety measures. Listed below are some valuable tips for children flying alone:

  • Never let your child travel alone if it is their first experience flying
  • Children should travel light and only with essential luggage
  • Discuss with your child any possible problematic situations that they may encounter
  • Your child should travel with a copy of their itinerary and contact information.
  • Avoid sending your child alone on night flights
  • Provide your child with a sufficient amount of money, in case of emergency
  • Request a fellow passenger to guide your child to the aircraft and their seat, if you are not allowed to enter the aircraft
  • Make sure your child knows their destination.
  • Your child should contact you, the airport authority or an aircraft crew member with any issues
  • Your child should be aware of basic things such as the location of the toilet, the duration of the flight, how to take the help of air hostess and who will pick them up
  • Plan to reach the airport early and remain until your child’s flight departs in the event of any last-minute changes before the flight's scheduled departure
  • A non-stop  business class flight is safer and more appropriate for younger children
  • If your child must transfer to another flight, make arrangements with the airline for supervising your child when traveling between gates and while in waiting area
  • Provide the child with a full-charged mobile phone as well as the charger and also train him/her on how to operate the phone
  • Air passengers are invariably sympathetic and helpful to young children traveling alone. Pick on a trustworthy passenger and ask him/her to look after the child during travel
  • Educate the child to be guarded against strangers and instruct them to report any complaints of bad behavior to the air hostess or cabin crew
  • Train your child not to part with any sensitive information to co-passengers – particularly details like full name, their home address, their telephone number, or where they are heading to
  • Inform the lead flight attendant about the child traveling alone so that he can keep a watchful eye
  • Every airline has different policies on how to take care of unaccompanied children. Find out the airlines policies for escorting children at connection airports and accommodations in the event that the flight is delayed or cancelled
  • Provide the child appropriate books and toys and snacks to keep him/her busy during travel
  • Provide all details to whichever person is picking up the child at the end destination
  • Have the pickup person arrive early at the airport and contact you as soon as the flight lands and the child is picked up

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