Air Travel Tips Before Beginning Your Journey
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has an abundance of information and advice for travelers flying international.


  • Make sure your photo ID and passport are current. You may expedite the process of getting a new passport by visiting your local passport agency in additon to paying for extra fees. Note that some countries insist on additional documents such as health certificates. 


  • The U.S. government has also revised terms of passport requirements for U.S. travelers booking travel to Canada, Mexico, Panama, Bermuda, and other Caribbean countries.


  • If a visa is required for overseas travel, it is best to start the application process early. To check  for visa requirements, contact the Embassy of the country you are visiting or click on this link to; see whether a visa is necessary.


  • Dependinding on the destination, current immunizations are also necessary prior to travel; you may also need to bring your immunization records as proof of current documentation.


  • We advise traveling with credit cards or traveler’s checks. ATM machines and Foreign Exchange Banks are also available to convert your cash. 


  • Finally, it is wise to carry photocopies of all important documents and keep them safeguarded in places such as a hotel safe. 
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