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Want to avoid the hullaballoo of uncomfortable seats, crying babies, nuisance from the neighbor and poor foodstuff? You have to push yourself for an economy class just because you need to travel frequently and have less to spend. Paying big-time for nothing but overcrowded seat at the extreme back of the flight, almost climb over your neighbor to reach the restroom and long tiring queue for the immigration check?

If you were thinking that only the ultra-rich can often afford to travel in business class, then you are wrong. Surprisingly, people who travel in economy class can even travel in luxury with some simple loopholes that is gonna be discussed here. Come along to play the travel game and find yourself the cheapest airfares that are seldom advertised. Fly business class with your credit-crunch budget.

Unlike earlier times, wealthy passengers are gladly opting for private planes so the differences in fares have become considerably lesser. The main reason for this price cut is rise in number of airline companies and they are pushed to cut down their rates to attract more passengers. Finding out the best and cheap fares for corporate business travel is in-fact simplified these days.


Types of Business Class seats

Business Class-Recliner seats  


Recliner Seats: Good stretch out and spacious seats for a comfortable relaxation..

Business Class-Lie Flat Seats


Lie-Flat Seats: These have 180 degrees of recline with slight angled posture. Exceptionally comfortable for relaxing and working on board.

Business Class-Flat Bed Seats


Flat Bed Seats: Completely horizontal when fully inclined and gives a full flat bed like feel. Ideal for a good sleep on-board.

Business Class-Suites


Suites:These seats have great privacy and comfort level. Each seat looks like one mini-cabin with a fully-flat bed, work area and television.

Business Class-Cradle Seats


Cradle Seats: Cradle seats offer 160 degrees of recline position.Many airlines provide cradle seats.


Turning business class cheaper

  • An easy step to get your airplane upgrades is when you belong to a particular airline’s rewards plan. Most airlines have special plans for their regular passengers for being loyal, so try choosing the best one and stick to it for more discounts. You can always save the travel point you get and use it to upgrade coach to first class and coach to business class.


  • Don’t be surprised to learn that airlines occasionally offer business class and first class seats at a bargain price. All you need to do is sign up for your preferred airline's email newsletter alert service and get early alerts from them.  So, be a savvy consumer when it comes to these promotions.


  • Avail special offers by applying for an Airline Credit Card. You can find many airline companies that associate with credit card companies and give out special offers to their clients.


  • Another tricky way of flying a business class is to offer up your seat to other fliers if the flight is overbooked and this will work out easily especially when the staffs are looking out for volunteers. You might be even lucky to get other attractive incentives with a free roundtrip ticket when you fly.


  • The next brainy way of getting cheaper  business class flights and cool discounts is by finding out a good online consolidator. By using the flight consolidator databases, you can easily save you up to 60% off of conventional published business class tickets. These people will have a list of airlines flying to the destinations you opt, discounts and packages available in each airline. You just have to enter what you want and there you go with a cheap airfare list.


  • Something that we can easily do is book-mark the favorite airline website and keep checking it often for the right price cut.  The point to note here is that international airlines give out more and profitable special packages especially for holidays.


  • Small stuffs like choosing the time and day of your journey can also play a vital role in decreasing your airfare. Greater the availability, lower the fair. Flights that depart on Tuesdays and Thursdays are comparatively cheaper coz of little demand. Same way flights that depart in the wee hours are fairly cheaper and you get to take along nap on-board with the business class comfort.


  • People normally avoid connecting flights as they are hectic and sometimes give long waiting hours between flights. But you can be smarter by choosing a perfect connection flight that does not waste your time and save money. It’ might only need a little extra work on the net and you got the perfect fair and perfect flight. Remember that the non-stop flight will leave you penniless with their heavy premium travel which is a problem to you frequent flyers.




Flying business Class with Lufthansa

Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa is known for its service safety and comfort at all level of flying. Their Miles and More frequent flyer program give a lot of privileges to their customers. When it comes to business class with Lufthansa, they are simply amazing. Starting from reserving the ticket to arrival at the destination, business travelers are offered a lot of finest services. They offer you the right way of relaxation with their comfy seats that makes you feel at ease. You can have a good sleep, work and feel the right away when you attend the business meeting at your destination.

They start to pamper you right from your door steps with their luxury Limousine Service. After stepping inside the airport you just have to enjoy your time there in the extensive lounge offer. And the best part starts onboard with their special tune-ups. You would love the entire set of entertainment by the enhanced Lufthansa Media World. WatchEnjoy, ListenRelax, StudyPlay and SurfLufthansa are the four sort s of entertainment that is provided.  You can pick your choice from the list of 65 video options, 30 movies in eight languages, 10 music magazines to download and have a fun time in your own seat.



Flying Business Class with Air India

Air India Business Class

Known for its customer friendly warm crew Air India is one of the largest aviation groups. The seats go completely flat and give you a great comfort for a nice sleep. They are spacious, stylishly upholstered and have comfy headrest with soft padding’s. There is a large personal TV screen on the back of the seat which is in front. If you are thinking about the privacy you get on board then you will be happy to find the dividing panel between each seat which you can raise and adjust as per your need. In flight entertainment will be nothing less than a delight with them. The fully touch screen system  with a wide choice of movies, games, rear cameras, messaging, in-flight magazines and everything you get keeps you in good spirits.



Flying business Class with Air France

Air France Business Class

The business class cabins Air France offers are roomy and classy with mood lighting, plenty of storage facilities for your stuffs. The seats are almost fully flat that will give a great working atmosphere and relaxation at the same time. They have one of the finest in-flight entertainment systems with good monitors fixed behind every screen. You have a good collection of movies, seat to seat chat and television shows to enjoy. If you are looking for something interesting than the usual stuff then you will enjoy their mapping system and additional exterior cameras.



Flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Business Class

The seats offered in Malaysia Airlines are stylishly bent and reclines to a full 180 degrees. You can lie flat and enjoy your favorite position of sleeping as the lumbar supports it all. These are comfy wide business class seats with good legroom.  Every seat has a 10.4-inch personal TV screen, portable media player and a 50-inch seat pitch. The cabin lay-out is spacious with plenty of room between seats. There is useful storage space under the window and the next attractive factor is the massage feature in the seats that is widely enjoyed. Many enjoy the warm hospitality of the crew and cozy duvet for a nice sleeping experience. The whisper-quiet cabins are idyllic for relaxation enjoyment and work.

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