Stay Healthy And Fresh On Business Class Flights

You will totally agree that the environment in the air is completely different from the ground.  Air travelers may feel parched, the medications may not work properly and even the healthiest person would feel quite different than normal times. But your business class travel can be made comfortable by keeping in mind certain tips.

Water, water and more water should be your motto inside the  business class flights. As the air inside a plane cabin is very dry with low humidity levels, it is
important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water at regular intervals but make sure you don’t take alcohol, frizzy drinks and coffee as they would only dehydrate you more. Remember to purchase mineral water on the ground for a plenty stay in the flight. Try to breathe deeply and relax before you fly and once inside the flight. This would help you to control stress which creates acidic pH levels in the body.

Be it a long flight or short one, stretching in between would make a difference in your mobility. It will help in keeping the blood flowing and also will alleviate the cramping and pains that comes as a result of sitting for an extended period. It is ok to move around the cabin every once in a while and also check for pockets of air on the  business class flights that seem fresher than the air around your seat.

Make it a habit to eat lightly on board. Often it is better to eat before the flight itself and if possible try to bring your own food. Also recent studies have
proved that fasting on board would actually help you to beat jet lag. Avoid food that give you gas like beans, potato, sprouts, cabbage etc before you fly. Also avoid starchy and sugary foods on board. It is important to keep your hands clean by washing regularly. Try to avoid hand contact with your mouth. Always use a tissue to open door handles after using the toilet.

For a comfortable travel, loose fitting clothes made from natural fibers are the best. Take off the shoes on longer flights as there is a tendency for the ankles to swell up a little. Some people suffer from motion sickness and this can be avoided by chewing on some raw ginger. But make sure that carrying such things are allowed in business class flights. Above all, the key to stay healthy during the flight journey is to support your immune system. Use a multi vitamin and mineral supplement on a regular basis prior to the journey.

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