Before you get to your suitcase, consider these tips on what to bring when traveling abroad:

packing pre booking secondary airports  reaching airport hotels


packing Consider your staying period and pack items that are easy to travel in

packing Carry all toiletries in small travel sizes

packing Don’t forget comfortable shoes for walking, nightlife and versatility

business class Carry a basic first-aid kit

business classDon't forget your official documents, headphones, laptop and other necessary electronic devices. With all that said, it is highly recommended that you reduce the number of electrical gadgets from your list of travel essentials because these products along with the converters can occupy more space than you 

business classRemember, adding more than you need makes for unnecessary stress.  The lighter your suitcase, the better it is to travel through the airport or to other multiple destinations

business classGo through your itinerary and identify any necessary items for each day


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