Airline Seats

Regular air travellers are sensitive about occupying the right airplane seat as it is crucial to enjoy the flight. 
Obviously, no one would want a seat near the closet or occupy the seat in front of the emergency row that is designed to be erect all the time.

Most air travelers are aware that a seat in the exit row has more room and is a lot more comfortable than a regular coach seat. But there are certain restrictions in occupying the exit row seats..Children below the age of 15 are barred from sitting in the exit rows. This would therefore limit people traveling with families from occupying the exit rows.

Bulkhead seats found directly behind physical partitions on the plane are good because there are no seats in front of you and thus there is greater leg room.

bulkhead seats

But the demerit is you cannot keep any luggage underneath the seat in front of you.To the question ‘what makes a comfortable seat?’  The simple answer is it depends on one’s personal preference.

Seats in the middle of a row, or those close to the washrooms or service areas, or seats with the movie screen right on top of you with its glaring light are some of  the seats most resent. Some airlines have assigned seats for different levels of bookings. When you book early, you may be able to reserve better seats. When buying air tickets online, go to internet sites that show you exactly the way the seats are configured. Even if you’ve been on that model of aircraft before, airlines line seats up differently, so check your airlines web site. 
If you are a first time flier or scared about flying, it is safer to choose a seat located over the wing to lessen any turbulence during the flight. If you are undertaking an overnight flight, select a window seat so you can rest your head between the seat and the wall. For trips of short duration, opt for an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can be one of the first to deplane.

It is common knowledge that in today’s scenario where there is a continuous rush for getting cheap airline tickets to choosing the best seat on the plane, the quicker you book the better your options. If you do not get the right seat while booking, check in early and be at the boarding gate early. You can talk to the staff on duty and they may find you a better seat particularly,if a passenger fails to turn up, you may get his seat.

Make it a point to buy airline tickets early and book your seat when you book your airline ticket. Most airlines will ask you to choose your seat during the online purchasing process. Seize this opportunity to ensure that you are assigned a seat you are comfortable with. If you  fly often, join a frequent flier program as it can help when choosing a plane seat. When you purchase your airline ticket, use your frequent flier number and you will get better options on available seats.

Some smaller airlines that do not use computers at check-in counters allow random seat selection letting you choose your seat when you check iin. The boarding passes are arranged according to the way the seats are designed in the plane and hence it is easy to choose.

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