Travel to Crete Through Business and First Class Flights to Heraklion

The Greek island of Crete is a beautiful space known for its historic and intriguing culture. Travel to this part of the Mediterranean through discounted first and business class flights to Heraklion, the capital of Crete. You can save by finding a cheap flight out to this special and historic part of Greece.

Fly to the Heraklion International Airport through London, Paris, Prague or other cities that regularly serve the area. You can enjoy fine first class amenities on one of these discount business class flights to Heraklion including food and wine service, comfortable wide seats and even reclining bed surfaces for a good rest en route to the city. Be sure not to take photos of the runway though, what with there being Hellenic Air Force base at the airport.

Take a quick taxi ride to the city after landing on one of these cheap first class flights to Heraklion. The airport is just to the east of the city and is right on the shore of the Gulf of Heraklion. While in the city, travel around the place and see all the beautiful features that only the island of Crete has to offer.

Visit the Knossos site just to the south of the city. This Bronze Age site features many old buildings dating back to the Neolithic Period. See the remnants of the old royal palace and look at the reconstructed surfaces in the area. The old site is linked to the legend of the minotaur.

Head into the city to see the Heraklion Archeological Museum where many artifacts from the city can be found. Learn about the history of the city here and see some of the old recovered tombs. Travel to the Koules Fortress, a sixteenth century fortress that was built by the Venetians. Look for the city walls from the fifteen century that are situated around the region. Get up on the walkway to see what is out there.

You will be intrigued by everything that Heraklion has to offer. Visit the area by reserving one of many discounted first and business class flights to Heraklion.

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