Business and First Class Passengers already have an advantage getting through airport security because of priority access. Other programs such as the TSA precheck or Global Entry Programs can also speed up wait times through security and immigration check points.

Here are some other useful tips to help reduce your wait time and to get you through the security checkpoint process as quickly as possible.


Guidelines To Reduce Waiting Time At Airport Security

  • Avoid carrying prohibited items like knives, lighters, firecrackers, and matches, to the airport. Please check the list of prohibited items otherwise you will spend unnecessary amounts of time being inspected
  • Place all your valuables such as electronic devices and laptop computers in a separate bin. Cell phones, laptops, oversized electronics must be taken out and put through the X-ray scanner at the security check point
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or metal accessories that will activate the metal detector
  • Make sure your shoes are off before entering the metal detector area
  • If you carry firearms and ammunition, declare these items with the airlines
  • If you need to lock your carry-on baggage, use a TSA-recognized lock only
  • Do not carry wrapped gifts.  Wrapped gifts may need to be unwrapped for security reasons which will cause your wait time (and those behind you in the security line) to be longer
  • As you enter the airport security line, have your ticket and acceptable form of ID (passport, driver's license, military ID, government issued ID) ready


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