Flying in Business class means additional perks such as extra legroom, more seat recline positions or added cabin space; but let's face it, not all business class seats are created equal.

Below is a general description of the various types of business class seats and a few advantages and disadvantages to consider, so you get the most comfort out of your seat.


General Description of Business Class Seats:

*Seats vary per airline


Business Class-Recliner seats   Recliner Seats: These seats offer a recline of 160 degrees from the seat base. The degree of recline still provides sufficient space and more comfort than a regular economy or premium economy seat.
Business Class-Lie Flat Seats Lie-Flat Seats: Lie-Flat seats range from 172- 180 degrees of recline depending on the airline. This means the seats are slightly angled and not always fully flat. Even at an angled recline, the seats are more comfortable than a recliner-seat option. 
Business Class-Flat Bed Seats Flat Bed Seats: Flat-bed  seats recline 180 degrees forming a fully flat horizontal bed. With multiple adjustements, flat-bed seat options are optimal for rest and relaxation. 
Business Class-Suites Suites: Suite seats are fully flat but offer more privacy. Not only do passengers have window and aisle access, each suite is a mini-cabin that includes a personal television, work station and larger storage space.
Business Class-Cradle Seats Cradle Seats: Cradle seats offer 160 degrees of recline. Although not horizontal, these seats  offer more comfort over economy and premium economy seats. 


Advantages and Disadvantages to Consider:

Exit Row Seats:

Advantage:  Business class seats are never offered in an exit row.


Bulkhead Seats:

Bulkhead seats placed immediately behind the physical partition on the plane.

Advantages:  Bulkhead seats are great because there are no seats in front of you, which allows for more legroom. 

Disadvantages: Although small, your storage space is minimized. For example, a carry-on bag must be placed in the overhead compartment rather than underneath your seat.   


Seats Near the Restroom:

Advantage: Sitting near the restroom means you have easy and quick access to them. 

Disadvantage: On any flight whether short or long, sitting near the restroom means odors and sounds (from constant flushing and opening/shutting of the bathroom door) can be bothersome. 


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