Depending on the type of plane, route and airline, there are four main cabin classes of service: Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First class. While some airlines offer business class as their highest class of service, in general, there are disinguishable diferences between all four classes. 


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First class cabin seats offer unprecedented exclusivityprivacy and luxury. Most first class adjustable seats are ergonomically designed, upholstered in soft leather, and fully horizontal to maximize comfort.Your personal space becomes a 'sanctuary in the sky' with a private suite, convenient aisle access, ample legroom, and added storage. Noise cancelling headsets, luxury brand toiletry bags, down feather duvet and pillow are also a part of being a first class passenger. Award winning catered menus, fine wines, spritzers, hot drinks and snacks are also given throughout the duration of the flight. First class lounges are furnished with leather sofas, televisions, work stations, bathrooms and even showers and miltiple areas to eat and snack. This first-class concierge service in the lounge also makes it easy for you to avoid long lines by conveniently getting help while you relax. Lastly, when booked in advance and depending on the airline, a limousine service is available; Some services include rides to and from hotel or airport. Impressive isn't it?



 Business class seats are increasing in demand and the most popular class of service, especially for passengers that fly overseas. Many airlines are adding more business class seats or redesining their business class cabins to keep up with demand. In addition, Business class cabins provide similar services and facilities as first class with some minor differences. Most business class seats are not suite seats, even though some airlines offer a minimized version adding more storage space and larger partitions for privacy. Some business class seats are even recongfigured, so that passengers avoid overlap and have easy aisle access. Most Business Class seat pitches range from lie flat to flat beds with added legroom and wider seats for greater comfort and relaxation. Award winning menus, snack and drinks are also offered free of charge. Noise cancelling headsets, personal screens, free entertainment and electronic outlets are also avaialble as a great divergence for business class passengers taking that long tedious flight. Business class lounges are also equipped with similar amenities as first class. Whether on the ground or in the air, business class is a nice alternative an comes with many perks.



When compared to economy class, Premium economy has more legroom, and more in-flight entertainment options. Seat pitches vary, but travelers can expect to have more recline and slightly wider seats than economy class. Although the fare for premium economy is a bit higher, having more legroom, wider seats and free entertainment are worth the extra cost. Premium economy passengers do not have lounge access but may be charged a day pass to enter the lounge depending on the airline.



Economy seats have minimal recline and range from 17-22 inches wide. Fortunately, for long haul flights (six or more hours), entertainement is offered at no extra cost. Prices for economy flights are typically cheaper and avaialble on all airlines. 


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