Explore History Through Cheap First Class Flights to Rhodes

The city of Rhodes on the Greek island of the same name is home to some of the most beautiful and memorable historic sites in the country. Explore what the island offers by getting out here on one of many business and first class flights to Rhodes.

Fly out to Rhodes by taking a first class flight to Athens and then a connecting business class flight to Rhodes. Enjoy your trip to the city and island in style. Relax on a wide reclining seat with luxury fabric. Take in a fine drink and maybe even a meal from an in-flight meal service. Use your Wi-Fi connection to reach people or to get some work done while en route to the city.

Take the local bus service to get from the airport into the city. The airport is about ten miles southwest of the city and provides you with quick reach to everything Rhodes has to offer.

Explore the beautiful and historic sites of Rhodes as you travel out to the city. See the massive pillar where the Colossus of Rhodes, and old statue of the sun god Helios, was located. Watch as the pillar stands out above the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the Acropolis of Rhodes where many old structures can be found. See where the old stadium and theater can be found. Notice many of the tall pillars that can be seen from far off in the distance.

Tour the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, an old castle that was rebuilt in the twentieth century by the Italians. Look at the many artifacts of old Rhodes inside the museum situated here.

Travel a little further south to visit the Valley of the Butterflies. This large nature park is home to some of the most beautiful forest spaces you will visit. The park is famous for its butterfly habitats.

Reserve your discounted first and business class flights to Rhodes with iFlyBusiness today. You will find many choices for cheap first class flights to Rhodes that will bring you to this outstanding part of the Greek isles.

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