Discounted First and Business Flights to Oslo Are Available For You Today

The southern tip of Norway is home to the dynamic city of Oslo. Experience this outstanding place for yourself when you reserve discount business class flights to Oslo. Business class Flights are available with affordable rates you can enjoy.

Travel to the Oslo Airport just north of the city. Reserve your non-stop First class flight from New York-JFK or Newark to Oslo and relax in style. Enjoy the fine amenities that come with a first class flight. Enjoy a quiet cabin featuring more legroom and great drink and food service. The qualities of a first class flight provide you with a leisurely travel experience as you head over the ocean into Norway.

Take the Gardermoen Line to downtown Oslo after you land. With several express trains throughout the day, it is easy to get a good trip out to the heart of the city.

Be impressed by some of the distinct features that Oslo is known for. See the Viking Ship Museum and observe some of the old ships from more than a thousand years ago that many Vikings used when traveling around the world. Go to the Akershus Fortress and see the old prison rooms inside this medieval fortress.

Check out the Vigeland Sculpture Park and see some of the many statues that spread out along the landscape. Look for some of the sculptures made by the famed countryman Gustav Vigeland. Travel to the Edvard Munch Museum to see a full collection of Munch’s many famous paintings, with The Scream being the most prominent of them all.

Travel out to the nearby skiing resorts in the area and enjoy the slopes for yourself. Try your hand at Nordic skiing, a popular exercise with many trails all around. Visit the Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill and see how far you can travel when jumping here.

All of these features and many more are accessible when you get out to Oslo. Find great cheap first class flights to Oslo and see for yourself what makes this city such a popular place to visit. You will love coming to this outstanding city of green spaces and history in style.

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