See the Beautiful Side of France With Cheap First Class Flights to Marseille

Travel to the southern part of France to visit the city of Marseille, one of the most romantic parts of the country. You can quickly get to this area by reserving cheap first class flights to Marseille. Enjoy your trip out to one of the most historic cities in the area.

Get your flight out to the Marseille Provence Airport ready today. Your first class flight will include many luxurious features including a private entertainment system, sturdy curtains to provide you with a dark space for resting and even wireless internet access. Whether you want to rest or stay productive, you will find something worth enjoying on your business class flight.

Enjoy a great flight out to Marseilles by leaving from the United States and heading into London or Paris en route to the city. The TER network rail system will link you from the airport to the city after you land.

Look around to find some of the old Greek establishments and settlements along the shores. Many buildings, eateries and shops around Marseille have Greek influences to them, what with the Greeks having formed the city in 600 BC.

Visit the Old Port where people fish throughout the day. Look to see what fresh catches are for sale. You can even rent fishing equipment to see if you can catch something yourself.

Travel to the Le Panier region of the town. Look as the streets cross along with each other while old and new cultures merge together to create a dynamic environment.

See the Chateau d’If, a popular island fortress just off of the shores. The fortress is also where an old prison was held in. You can also tour the Notre-Dame de la Garde, a classic basilica in the city. Travel up to the top of the tower here to see many beautiful views of the city.

The beauty of Marseilles is something everyone should explore for themselves. Head out to this city by reserving one of many business and first class flights to Marseilles. The flights you can find today are cheaper than anything you might have ever imagined.

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