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The Moroccan city of Marrakesh is famous for its extensive markets or souks. These shopping places and many other exciting spots are available for you to explore as you travel out here on affordable business class flights to Marrakesh.

See what you can enjoy with a business class ticket to Marrakesh. Order a drink or meal while on board. Get some peace as you rest in your private cabin space. You can also go online and check on the news or your email through the Wi-Fi signals inside your cabin. Land at the Marrakesh Menara Airport and take Alsa bus Route 19 to the medina in the middle part of the city. The stop leads you to the historic Koutoubia Mosque.

See what the Koutoubia Mosque is like as you enter the city. Visit the garden and see the tall stone tower at this twelfth-century mosque. Tour the Bahia Palace while in Marrakesh. More than a hundred rooms are included in the palace. A vast garden space is also on site.

Visit one of the souks in Marrakesh where unique art pieces, fabrics, fashions, foods, and spices are available for sale. The Jemaa el-Fnaa is one particularly popular market that also features traveling entertainers shows off feats of agility and strength.

The Kasbah souq is also prominent for featuring many intriguing retailers as well as Basara vendors. These food vendors offer the prominent bean soup known as Basara as well as various grilled meats. Look for the large medina gate outside the Kasbah, and you’ll know you are at this spot.

See the Bab Agnaou brick gate on the northern end of the city. Dating back to the twelfth century, this tall brick gate is one of the nineteen such gates built to protect the city.

Experience the many features of Marrakesh for yourself as you look around the great city and see what it has to offer. You will love traveling around this part of Morocco. Best of all, you can save money on your trip to the city as we find you the best  discounted business class ticket to Marrakesh.

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