The History of Syria Is Accessible Through First Class Flights to Damascus

You can travel to the Syrian city of Damascus through one of many first class flights to the city. You can find discounted  business class ticket Fly to Damascus in first class and enjoy a comfortable cabin and climate controlled environment featuring drink and food services. Relax as you recline your seat back and get some rest before you land. Be sure to use the online signals to check on any last minute reservations you need to handle before you arrive.

Land at the Damascus International Airport and use of the shuttles from the airport to reach the center of the city. You will find many historic sites all around the city as you travel around.

See what you can find while in the city. See the Umayyad Mosque where many people from the city’s past are buried. Learn about the history of the region at the Azm Palace. See some artifacts dating back to the second millennium BC when the city was settled as well as some artifacts from the Umayyad Caliphate of the seventh and eighth centuries.

Travel up to the peak of Mount Qasioun, a large mountain peak that offers some of the best views of the city. The mountain is just to the north of the city. Take the Barada River along the way to the peak. The river also goes through part of the city. You will see not only the many historic buildings around the area but also some of the unique forests and rolling hills situated not too far outside of the city.

You will love your time exploring the history of Damascus as you arrive here on your first class flight. Contact iFlyBusiness to find the best cheap  business class flights to Damascus. You will find some great deals as you look around for a great way to reach the city. The distinct features of Damascus and the living history throughout the area make this a popular part of the country to explore.

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