Business Class Flights to Abidjan Bring You To the Ivory Coast

Few cities in Africa are as intriguing or unique as the city of Abidjan. As one of the most populated French-speaking cities in Africa, Abidjan is a vital part of Cote d’Ivoire that is unlike anything else. Travel out to this beautiful place with a business class flight to Abidjan.

Enjoy a Classe Affaire seat on an Air Cote d’Ivoire plan and enjoy the luxuries that come with a flight to the city. Take a rest in your reclining seat or order a drink or meal. Use the in-cabin online access to brush up on your French before you land.

As you land, you will reach the Port Bouet Airport just to the southeast of the city. Take in a taxi ride to the city and enjoy all the things that Abidjan has to offer.

Enjoy heading around the streets of Abidjan where African and French cultures mingle unlike anything else. See the La Pyramide building, a unique structure with a ziggurat-like design. Visit the historic St. Paul’s Cathedral while in the city; you can find it by looking for the massive cross on the outside. You can also find the large minaret coming out of the Grand Mosque; look for the large blue dome at the base.

Relax on the beaches of Abidjan. Grand-Bassam is a beautiful part of the city home to sandy shores and French colonial buildings. For a quieter time, go a little further out to Assinie where the palm trees line the roads. Travel north to the Banco National Forest where the rainforest environment offers some of the most beautiful trails you will come across in your travels. See where some of the many local or native animals call home as you look your way around the place.

Look for discounted  business class flights to Abidjan and experience this part of Africa for yourself. You will be impressed with the intriguing features that the city has to offer as you travel around. Your trip to and from Abidjan will also be filled with great luxuries that can only come with your business class fare as you travel to Cote d’Ivoire.

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