It is a widely acknowledged fact that US Airways offer one of the most affordable services but that does not mean it does not provide upper or business classes in its flights.

With many US airlines these days, you will find their business class cabins getting upgraded. One can find more comfortable seats particularly in all A330-200 aircraft and these seats are so designed to provide increased privacy and christened as "Envoy Suites." Till such time US Airways completes the upgrade process of all of its A330-300 aircraft, some of them will continue to have the old seats.

The upgraded business class cabins have seats that recline to a fully flat position (horizontal with the floor). The seats are partially surrounded by plastic shells and as such offers enhanced privacy. Seats are vastly commodious and are 20.5 inch wide with the armrest up, 25 inch wide with the armrest down, and between 6’4 inch and 6’8 inch long when fully reclined and notably each seat has aisle access.

As regards food & beverages in business class, menus vary depending on the route, but include three courses and several entree options made with seasonal ingredients. Fine wines and liquors are also available on flight for these elite passengers.

Each seat is fitted with 12.1inch touch-screen monitor with on-demand movies, TV shows, games, and audio programming. Most US Airways flights now offer in-flight WiFi.

Each seat has 110-volt universal power outlet and USB port. Fliers in this class are provided with complimentary convenience kit comprising of toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, eye shade, lotion, lip balm, ear plugs.

FORTUNE recently conducted a survey about business class in various US airlines and came out with some interesting facts:

  • Air Tran - You are provided with a leather seat with 37 inches of pitch. There is no fancy meal but you do get free alcoholic beverages and a snack of your choice.
  • American - If you are traveling between New York and Los Angeles, you will get your money's worth. The specially outfitted Boeing 767s has nine luxury lie-flat sleeper seats similar to the ones on American's international flights. Passengers get noise canceling headsets and choice menus. The business class cabin has leather seats with a 52-inch pitch.
  • Continental - Though Continental reportedly has arguably the best customer service among all U.S. carriers, its domestic first class is nothing to boast about. There is of course priority boarding, sumptuous food and commodious seats with 38 inches of pitch.
  • Delta - They are still in the process of providing more comfortable seats and wood-paneled lavatories. But none knows how fast the revamping will get done with the company in bankruptcy stage. The plan is to have a respectable 38 inches of seat pitch, access to some Crown Room lounges and full meal service.
  • Northwest - Business class passengers will get good food on flights longer than three hours, priority boarding and free alcoholic beverages. But no other extra perks on domestic flights.
  • US Airways/America West - After the merger, you can expect 38 inches of seat pitch and excellent food on all  business class flights

A final tip for business class air passengers in US - always check what kind of plane you are going to be flying in. Wide body jets like the Boeing 767 or 777 tend to be the best along with any Airbus. Try to avoid using DC-9s, MD-80s (though many in America call them Super 80s) and 737s.

Tailpiece - Business travelers in USA have chosen their top picks among providers of travel services at the 23rd Annual Best in Business Travel Awards 2011. They have adjudged Delta Air Lines as the best North American Airline for Business Class Service

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