Cheap First Class Flights to Antwerp Bring You the Belgian City In All Its Glory

Antwerp is an interesting city is Europe that has a beautiful history to it. The former home of the Belgian master painter Peter Paul Rubens, the city is known for its strong art culture. Experience this and much more by flying out to the city.

Discounted first and business flights to Antwerp are available through London, Zurich and Birmingham among other places. You can reach the city by flying from the United States to one of these spots and then getting into Antwerp through another plane. You can take in a business class flight each way. Besides, you deserve nothing but the best when getting out to Antwerp.

Feel free to rest as you fly out to Antwerp. Enjoy the nice cabin and relax in a climate-controlled environment. You can always use the on-board Wi-Fi to keep yourself busy and productive too. No matter which airline you choose, you will find a great first class experience where you are treated like royalty.

As you go through Antwerp, you can visit the old home of Peter Paul Rubens. See his old house and view many of his famous paintings. Look for the rooms that he produced some of his largest paintings in.

Look to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and see what the students there are doing. The school is famous for training students in the field of architecture. See how the field is evolving and what students are doing now to change the world.

Look for the tall orange building with several cut-outs featured around its body. That tower is home to the Museum aan de Stroom. Tour the museum and see the great heritage of the city and how it continues to inspire people to this day. You can also see the ModeMuseum Provincie where many fashions are designed to this day.

Antwerp is a fascinating city that anyone who visits will surely remember. Take a look at the cheap first class flights to Antwerp that are available today. You will find plenty of choices to help you with reaching this popular part of Europe.

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