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An airport lounge provides a wide series of services to suit both business and spare time visitor, offering an exceptional work atmosphere for business travelers and a calm shelter for spare time guests who desire to rest before a journey. 

Passengers expect the following from airport lounges:

  • VIP treatment
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Soft furnishings
  • Business desks
  • Televisions
  • Internet

Travelers have entry to airport lounges before departure and in various cases, an arrivals lounge facilitating you to bathe and refresh up after a long journey.Travelers can get access to airport lounges in the following ways:                

Travel in Business Class:

By reserving air travel tickets in the 'upper-class' in the airplane, most airlines will let you to achieve open one-time entrée to a frequent flyer lounge, either their personal or that of an alliance partner. Reach to the airport before time to make complete utilization of the amenities. Several chief airlines also proffer arrival lounge where you can refresh up after your journey.

Become a member of an Airline Club:

Various airlines necessitate you to give money for an association to their lounge agenda. For instance, American Airlines' Admirals Club charges which range from $350-$500 per annum depending on your benefit grade, and provide you entrée to their Admirals lounges. Alike programs are accessible on other airlines in the US and Qantas in Australia.

Turn into an Elite Member Frequent Flyer:

Bottom-tier common travelers generally acquire approving lounge passes. The time you strike mid-tier or top-tier in a frequent flyer series you will be approved complete access to an airline's lounges. At a few airports you will enclose an option of alliance lounges to get in and you will come to identify which lounges are the most excellent in your association.

Getting the Priority Pass:

If you do not prefer or afford to pay out thousands of dollars or pounds on  business class airfare all year then Priority Pass is possibly the finest means to be adopted for getting access in regular lounge. Priority Pass has a bond contract with over 500 lounges wide-reaching in 275 cities to offer amenities to its associates

There are three types of membership to suit all traveller's needs:

  • Standard Membership
  • Standard plus Membership
  • Prestige Membership

Unite with Wexas:

Wexas is a London foundation travel association which has 25,000 associates and charges from £78 per annum. Members reserving a long-haul air travel and 2 nights’s lodging through Wexas acquire gracious lounge passes for all travelers at one of 22 UK airports. Wexas associates can also produce their card at 100 lounges over the world which enables them to pay for access.

Procure only one time using pass:

If you do not desire to shell out for a yearly membership agenda and are not traveling in business class, then think paying for a one-time access to a lounge. There are a many web sites online, through which you can reserve one time lounge access at the airport of your preference. For instance, in UK Lounge Pass provides the capability to reserve lounge visits to one of 130 airports universal, as well as 20 in the UK. Such access vary from £13.50 - £30 for only one access of up to three hours.

Enter a Resale Market:

You can at times get one-time lounge access passes on auction on eBay but at all times ensure the accurate provisions and conditions of the coupon prior to bidding.Concluding message, you can access to an airport lounge by opting all the above means. On time several airport lounges can get very hectic, in such a situation it would be better locating a calm seat in the terminal itself!



What is the maximum time to stay in a lounge? 

The maximum span of time to stay in every lounge is 3 hours. If you want to extend the time limit, approach the lounge staff, and any additional expense for extra time must be paid straight to the lounge personnel at that point.

Are lounges meant for only Business class passengers?
No! It is not must that you should be a VIP or business executive to get into an airport lounge. Everyone is welcome. It may be any couple, family or any group on tour or any business passenger or regular class traveler can get the pleasure of your holiday start before you reach your end.

Whether infants & children are provided access to the lounges? 
Various lounges do certainly permit way in to children. Though, some lounges do not allow access to infants between 0 – 1 yrs or children between 2 – 11 yrs. If the lounge, you have opted for, do not allow children they will let you know at the second stage of reserving process.

What all is comprised in the price of the lounge? 
Most lounges comprise all drinks, alcohol and refreshments in the price. It also includes charge of business & leisure amenities like internet, TV and a collection of journals and newspapers.

What kind of dress code is not allowed?
No shorts, baseball caps or football shirts are allowed in the lounges. The passengers are required to dress in a casual manner.

What is the maximum limit of people to be included per booking?
5 passengers are restricted per booking and it even includes infants or children if permitted. If it exceeds 5 people, email request is to be sent at least 7 days before.

Is it possible to book more than one lounge?
Lounge booking procedure is very easy & fast. So it will facilitate you to book another lounge immediately after the first one for your return or another journey.

Popular Worldwide Airport Lounges:

  • Dubai International Terminal 1 DCA Lounge
  • Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Bidair Lounge
  • Tenerife South Sala Montaa Roja

Common facilities provided by the above lounges

    General amenities


  • Air Conditioning
  • Conference Facilities
  • Flight Information Monitor
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Shower Facilities
  • Television

  Food & Beverage amenities


  • Alcoholic Refreshments
  • Alcoholic Refreshments
  • Soft Drinks Refreshments

  Business amenities


  • Fax
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Wi-Fi
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