Mos Airlines are observing austerity measures and thus making it increasingly difficult for passengers to enjoy a long flight journey. Added to this is the inconvenience of rigorous security checks due to rampant acts of terrorism the world over and the possibility of hijacking of planes.

It is also believed that many airlines have curtailed the number of planes in their fleet, leading to planes flying fully packed and congested. There is no doubt that a long flight can often ruin what should otherwise be a pleasant holiday or business trip. But it is not fair to say that all air travels have ceased to be pleasant and there are quite a few things you can do to minimize the hassles of today’s air travel.

Wherever and whenever possible, avail a nonstop flight to your destination. If you succeed in getting a nonstop flight you will spend less amount of time in the flight. You will also reach your destination faster without the intermittent time-lags. The other advantage is you need not be anxious about missing a connecting flight or about your bags not arriving with you.

Take an early morning flight as chances of a delayed departure are very little. As most air passengers know the delays have a cascading effect. What starts off as a 30-minute delay at 8AM could well stretch to a three-hour delay by late afternoon.

Two-Four-Two Seating Configuration

If you have a choice, fly by wide-bodied aircrafts that are a lot roomier and have two aisles and more storage space. If you are not flying, then opt for a two-four-two seating configuration and get hold of one of the two-seat sides that are very comfortable.

Move Around In Longer Flights

This way, you can also get out whenever you want without having to disturb your co-passengers. Get up and move around on longer flights, to prevent body pain due to poor blood circulation. Scrupulously avoid seats near the toilets as other passengers will keep visiting these regularly.

Travel With Light Luggage

It is always convenient to travel with light luggage as you will then be able to avoid the hassle of checking baggage and also lessen the risk of losing your bags. Another sane suggestion is to pack your clothes evenly between two bags – so that even if one bag is lost, you have another till the lost bag is retrieved.  Having some sets of to wear until your bag is located can make you a less angry person and you need not lose out on your prior appointments.

Wear the right type of dresses while flying, particularly if you are on a long flight. Loose fitting garments, that are capable of stretching, are ideal unless you are passing through or reaching a cold destination. Besides, choose garments that will not wrinkle or get crumpled too soon. Wear comfortable walking shoes - especially if you have to walk from one Terminal to a distant another.

Another useful suggestion is carry your own mineral water instead of relying on the drinking water the flight attendant will serve you. Besides, you may be required to drink water often to negate the dehydrating affects of flying. Also, make it a point to stretch your legs frequently if you have adequate leg room. You may use an eye mask and ear cotton as also a neck pillow to minimize your physical discomfort.

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