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Friday, March 12, 2010

  24-hr Flight for World Cup by South Africa Airlines

South African Airways (SAA) has decided to increase capacity to operate a 24-hour flight schedule to provide accommodation for the various match times and people willing to move around for the FIFA 2010 World Cup.The plan arises as the airline has indicated moves to divulge cheaper flights for fans in the run-up to the World Cup,which will be held between 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa.

South African Airlines

Thobi Duma, SAA Country Manager, Nigeria revealed that the 24-hour schedule will be essential as some games begin at 20:30 in the evening and could finish as late as 23:30 pm in some cases.Duma said that the airline had till now adapted its normal flight schedule to add additional flights to all destinations in its current domestic network.

2010 FIFA World Cup

Duma explained that the carrier has opened all seats till now in full economy and business class fares and demand for these has been very high.She also added that the 24/7 operations will fit in with its present operations where it serves a host of destinations around the clock.She said that it will be a major challenge to operate its domestic fleet in this manner, and SAA is confident that it will be able to pull it off.SAA has also partnered with Match, the official FIFA provider of tickets, accommodation and logistics for this year's world cup, where they will use numerous one way flights on SAA's aircraft.

Monday, March 8, 2010

  WestJet Airlines Disclosed Credit Card and Frequent Flyer Program

WestJet Airlines Ltd. revealed lately its credit card and frequent-flyer programs as it competes with rival Air Canada for more profitable business travellers.These programs were initially to be launched last June,but were put on hold.

From now on customers will be able to earn WestJet dollars for purchases they make on a new Royal Bank MasterCard, that can be used for flights or vacation packages.Additonally ,the dollars earned can also be put in the direction of seat sales and will not be a part of blackouts or seat restrictions.

WestJet Airlines

WestJet executive vice-president Bob Cummings stated that travellers who fly between 4 and 20 times a year are looking for a "simple currency" in their journey rewards program.He also added that the system has also been designed keeping this view in mind.The airline is providing two diverse RBC-branded MasterCard reward programs. One proffers rewards of 1.5 per cent in WestJet dollars, as well as travel insurance, hotel discounts and upgrades for a yearly fee of $79. It is available with an opening bonus of 100 WestJet dollars. Another earns cardholders one per cent back in WestJet dollars for a yearly fee of $39. This particular card has 25 WestJet dollars to begin with.

WestJet,which wants to lure business customers from rival Air Canada, is also offering a loyalty program for customers who spend more than $1,500 each year on WestJet flights. For example, at the $6,000 threshold, a regular guest would get a companion fare anywhere WestJet flies.Cummings also conveyed that WestJet is in the process of increasing its fleet from 88 to 134 planes.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

  Airlines Proffer Novel Luxuries to Lure First Class Fliers

Delta and American, the world's two largest airlines, are depending on lie-flat seats in order to win back profitable customers.With the reduction of an 18-month global crash in first as well as business class travel, Delta's seats that recline 180 degrees into beds and American's Asian-fusion appetizers are lures for the business passengers whose ranks diminished when the worldwide recession ravaged budgets for international flying.

Delta Airlines

Filling the finest seats at the front of airplane cabins is essential to U.S. airlines labors to return to profit in 2010 after weak demand compelled them into discounting to entice vacationers.Business fliers are cherished as they normally pay the maximum prices and take to the air more often.

American Airlines

Chris McGinnis,editor of The BAT,a San Francisco-based newsletter and blog for regular travelers commented that in case your flying to Japan or Seoul,it makes a lot of difference to really relax,sleep and arrive rested and all prepared to carry on with business.You would really feel pampered during your journey.

Monday, March 1, 2010

  Improvement in Business travel demand : United Airlines Corporation

The chief financial officer of United Airlines parent, UAL Corp, Kathryn Mikells recently stated that the demand for business travel on U.S. airlines is on the road to recovery but will not be able to reach pre-recession levels this year.

Kathryn Mikells
Mikells explained at the Reuters Travel and Leisure Summit that there is insufficient data to suggest how the present recovery in business travel demand is different from previous recessions.The airline industry has been affected in the last year by a recession that eroded travel demand and hindered carriers' ability to increase fares.

But Mikells also added that the airline industry has obtained some pricing power due to industry wide capacity cuts in 2008 and 2009 and is on the edge of raising fares, despite unsuccessful attempts earlier this year to raise ticket prices.She said at the moment UAL has no plans to reintroduce capacity into the system .

Monday, February 22, 2010

  Business travel Costs Mounting as Demand Regains

Business Travel costs are set to increase over the subsequent 12 months as demand for international travel rises and the worldwide economy recovers,industry veterans have warned. The remarks come as airline giant Qantas announced a 72% drop in first half net profit lately, along with strategies to scrap many of its first class seats on international flights.

Qantas Airways-Business Travel
Additionally Qantas announced air fares would rise over the next year, with demand anticipated to increase after a dreadful year, which witnessed the company lose 72% in net profit for the six months ending December 31.

Chief executive of Qantas Airways Alan Joyce conveyed to the Australian Financial Review prices would rise over the next year, as present levels cannot be sustained.He added that airfares and yields can be seen to ameliorate presently. They need to get better moving forward on international markets because most of the international industry, is losing money.Additionally,Qantas Airways is set to decrease the number of first-class seats on its long-haul fleet, to be replaced by a 27% increase in the figures of premium economy seats.

Friday, February 19, 2010

  CEO's of Airlines and their Contributions

British Airways
CEO:Willie Walsh

Willie WalshWillie Wash ,the former CEO of Aer Lingus is the current CEO of British Airways. Willie Walsh took over as the CEO of British Airways October 2005.He has headed the airline during a time of unparalleled turmoil as well as industrial-relations issues.

Qatar Airways
CEO: Akbar al-Baker

Akbar Al Baker
Akbar Al Baker is the CEO of Qatar Airways from 1997.He had re-launched Qatar Airways in 1997 .He had executed a 10 year strategic plan to expand the airline's route network, construct an up-to-date fleet and create Doha as a chief regional aviation hub.

Continental Airlines
CEO: Jeffery A. Smisek

Jeffrey Smisek
Jeffery A. Smisek is the president and chief executive officer of Continental Airlines from January 2010.He had joined the airline as Senior Vice President in March 1995. Over the course of his time at Continental, Smisek has managed airline functions such as flight operations, inflight, airports, catering, cargo, maintenance as well as technical operations.

Philippine Airlines
CEO: Lucio C. Tan

Lucio C. TanLucio C. Tan, the CEO of the airline took over this position in January 1995. After he took over,in April 1996, the centerpiece of the Philippine Airlines program was the acquisition of 36 state-of-the-art aircraft from Airbus and Boeing between 1996 to 1999.


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