Airline Comparison Chart

Airline Comparison Chart


Iflybusiness provides you the Airline Comparison Chart, by analyzing which you can decide which airline will fulfill your comfort and make your flight more enjoyable. You can analyze from the chart below, the variations in diverse airlines based on the dimensions i.e. seat pitch, seat type, seat width, video type power type and laptop power.


Business Class Chart

  Business Class Chart 

International First Class Chart

  International First Class Chart 


Aircraft Type:

It depicts the aircraft maker, aircraft model and 3 digit aircraft identification code that is indicated in brackets

Seat Pitch:

It denotes the distance that occurs between 2 rows of seats i.e. the legroom.The more the legroom, added comfort is experienced by the passengers.

Seat Width:

It represents the distance connecting the armrests of a single seat.More distance provides extra comfort for the passengers.

Seat Type:

Identifies the seat as either a Suite, Lie-flat, Flat Bed, or Standard Seat.

Video Type:

A description concerning the video facilities available on aircrafts:

  • Personal TV:  The best way to enjoy your journey,as the passenger is offered an individual television with manifold channels at your control.
  • Overhead TV:  This is a degree better than nothing as the aircraft is equipped with multiple video monitors throughout the cabin.
  • None:  Videos are not offered on these flights.The other better option would be to bring a book to get through your time.


    Laptop Power:

    Indicates the availability of power outlets for laptops:

    • All Seats:  All seats are outfitted with a power outlet.
    • Some Seats:  Only some seats are provided with a power outlet.
    • None:  Power outlets are unavailable . Hence the best alternative is to bring an extra battery.


      Power Type:

      Denotes the type of adapter available, if laptop power exists:

      • AC Power:  This is similar to the regular outlets used at home.
      • DC Power:This plug is similar to the ones used in cars.
      • Em Power:  It's a unique adapter which has a small head & 4 connecting prongs.
      • None:  Power outlets are unavailable.In this case, it's best to carry an extra battery.